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Red Wines
Listed From Dry to Sweet

Frontenac A varietal wine with deep garnet hues, a cherry aroma with a blackberry plum palate. This is a full bodied red that has been aged on oak. $12/bottle

Rendevous Crafted in the rugged tradition of the autmn festivals of mountain men, this hearty red opens with the fruit aroma of dark cherry, establishes oak and wanilla in the mid palate and finishes with hits of cranberry. $12/bottle

Marechal Foch A varietal wine with a cranberry and currant flavor. The wine has a softer palate with hints of oak. Better served with pastas and mild cheeses. $12/bottle

St. Croix A varietal wine from a grape that produces a complex palate. It opens with dark berry flavors and finishes with notes of pepper and spice. Serve with beef. $14/bottle

Marquette A varietal developed from the Pinot Noir grape, this wine has bright berry color with notes of black currant. Paris well with beef and strong cheeses. $12/bottle

Railtown Red We are pleased to recognize the rich rail history in North Platte with release of Rail Town Red. This rich, bright wine opens with lush aromas of cranberry. It goes on to display dark berry flavors that finish  long & ride elegantly on a smooth fruit palate. $12/bottle


Blended Reds

St. Reserve A blended red wine with hints of blackberry and citrus. This "chillable" red finished in the semi-sweet style of patio wines. $12/bottle

Noble Experiment Named for the original test plot from which the grapes were harvested. A unique flavor every year. $12/bottle

Red Neck Reserve A blended red with hints of currant and citrus. Subtle oak tones but a strong finish helps this wine pair well with comfort foods. $12/bottle

Red Neck Revenge A whimsical blend with soft hints of blackberry and apple in a semi-sweet style. This is a chillable red that is ideal for the "other beverage" enthusiast. $12/bottle

Harvest Red A blended red with currant and cranberry flavors. A semi-sweet full bodied red that pairs with meats.  $12/bottle

Rose Wine

Sarabande A European styled rose, named for a romantic 17th century Spanish dance. This rose exhibits a crisp cranberry palate with a mellow off dry finish. Pairs well with poultry dishes. $12/bottle

White Wines
Listed From Dry to Sweet

Seyval Blanc A varietal wine that opens with a pineapple an finishes with mellpw nutty tones. Finished in an off dry chardonnay style, it pairs with cheese, fruits, and seafood dishes. Served chilled. $12/bottle

Trinity Blanc A blended wine with juice from the Seyval, Lacrosse, and Edelweiss grapes. Opening with light fruit aromas, it has been fermented to an off dry finish that has a crisp apple palate. Pair it with poultry dishes. Serve chilled. $12/bottle

Regale A sumptuous white wine blend that displays a delightful mix of fruit and spice. This is an ideal sipping wine to serve with fruit platters. $12/bottle

Allelo Means "the other." This is our other white wine blend. It opens with a fresh apple palate and closes with a soft citrus. Blended to pair with traditional white wine foods such as fish, chicken and creamy sauces, it is best served chilled. $12/bottle

Edelweiss A varietal white wine with floral aromas and a sweet fruit finish. Serve chilled with breads, fruits and lighter cheeses. $14/bottle

Lacrosse A sweet white with a light pear aroma and a soft grapefruit finish. Excellent with soft cheeses and picnic foods. $12/bottle

Winter White A bold unique wine with deep pineapple aromas and a wonderful sweet citrus finish. Pairs well with cool fruits and ligh desserts. $12/bottle

Frosty's White This sweet white has fruity aromas and peach flavors with a soft finish. Pairs nicely with fruit or Spicy cheeses. $12/bottle


Tastings Sampling of white and red wines $5/tasting

Pairing Plate (Weekends only) A sampling of foods with suggested wine pairings $6/plate

Kits available for 20 percent discount.

Wine Flight "Vertical tasting" of the same wine in different styles and years $6/flight

Frontenac and Seyval Blanc

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